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Interview Quatro e Meia

The Mondego doesn't inspire only to conquer castles but also to create good music….Proof is Quatro e Meia a band from Coimbra which gives a “new look to the traditional Portuguese music”. Some of the members may be... read more

Who was D. Sesnando?

Possibly, if you are Portuguese, you must have heard the name of D. Sesnando Davides during history lessons in school... or maybe not! But this character, half forgotten, had a key role in the design of what is Portugal nowadays. So, who was D. Sesnando Davides and what was his... read more

Mountain of d'Arga's Legend

The impatience of the young Egica differed from the calm of that beautiful spring morning. The sun brightens and warmed the soil with its warm kiss. The birds hopped around, careless of the problems of those who inhabit the land. But the young Egica could not see, could not hear, could... read more

Interview to Anafaia

In this month dedicated to Fundão we decided to go beyond the itineraries and boxes and went to know a band that comes from that territory, the Anafaia (which you may also hear in our Playlist “Music to Climb Gardunha”).   How did the project ... read more