foto_jorge_Brito_opinião_myownportugalJorge Brito

President of the Association of Integrated Development of the Mountain Villages Network- HAVE


Here you will find unique places, authentic people, green landscapes, steep paths and clean air! The Flavors of the Mountain, tradition at the table and respect for culture are essential values.

Feeling the Mountain Villages is experiencing the cold of winter and the heat of summer, where the rhythm of the seasons translates into a life with more colors and flavors.

Mountain landscapes are a unique set of culture, tradition and nature to discover all year round, sustain one of the richest material and immaterial heritage in Portugal. Where genuine people preserve ancestral values.

Mountain paths lead to unique and unrepeatable experiences, in a setting dominated by authentic nature and culture.

In Mountain Villages harmony dictates the rhythm of life!

To every place, a discovery.

The Common Place? O Fast-food?

They stayed down there.